Source Code Analysis Tools - Java, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby


This website presents a list of source code analysis tools, commercial or open source, classified by programming language. Most open source code analysis tools are specifically dedicated to only one programming language (Java, JavaScript, C++, etc.), but some commercial tools target more than one language. Source code analysis is the analysis of computer software programs. Static analysis is performed without actually executing programs built from that software. The analysis is performed on the source code or object code. Analysis performed while executing programs is defined as dynamic analysis.

The main features of a code analysis tool are the definition of the analysis rules and the classification of their severity (information, warning, error, ...). The code analysis tool then produce report for a specific code item or library, listing all the analysis results that are equal or above a certain severity detection threshold.

Findbugs Code Analysis Eclipse Plugin Category Definition
Findbugs Code Analysis Eclipse Plugin Category Definition.

Many code analysis tools, especially open source, have been included in plugins that allow to run them in other code management environments like IDE (Eclipse, NetBeans, SonarQube, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, ...), project build management (Maven, Gradle, ..) or continuous integration tools (Jenkins, Hudson, TeamCity, ...). In this web site you will find the most popular open source code analysis tools like Findbugs, JSHint, Cppchecker, PMD, Checkstyle, Frama-C or JSLint.

You will also find a good list of commercial and open source code analysis tools on the following url: