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Ruby Source Code Analysis Tools



Flay analyzes ruby code for structural similarities. Differences in literal values, names, whitespace, and programming style are all ignored. Code that flay reports as similar is a good candidate for refactoring.


Flog is a tool build to analyze Ruby code complexity. It’s dead simple to run, and immediately provides useful metrics in the form of a “Flog score” per method. High scores are prime candidates for difficult testing and refactoring. Flog essentially scores an ABC metric: Assignments, Branches, Calls, with particular attention placed on calls.


Think you write good tests? Not bloody likely... Put it to the test with heckle. It’ll put your code into submission in seconds.


Metric_fu is a set of rake tasks that make it easy to generate metrics reports. It uses Saikuro, Flog, Flay, Rcov, Reek, Roodi, Churn, Subversion, Git, and Rails built-in stats task to create a series of reports.


Reek is a tool that examines Ruby classes, modules and methods and reports any Code Smells it finds


Roodi stands for Ruby Object Oriented Design Inferometer. It parses your Ruby code and warns you about design issues you have based on the checks that is has configured.


Saikuro is a Ruby cyclomatic complexity analyzer. When given Ruby source code Saikuro will generate a report listing the cyclomatic complexity of each method found. In addition, Saikuro counts the number of lines per method and can generate a listing of the number of tokens on each line of code.